touch sound studio

by touching the water surface with hand or finger the participant/participants create music. through complex sound snippets even non musicians are able to create wonderful sound within a group or play for themselfs. the water touch sound studio is modular based and can be transformed into the slime touch sound studio which is for single users.

the »water touch sound studio« is specially developed for multible users. while the music is created by the participants they also compose an aromatic smell for a single listener who is relaxing in an easy chair. it´s an on going project which is developed further for any new show.
the interactive installation debuted in july 2017 at the »deutsches museum« and has been shown there several times since then.

martin nothhelfer, björn friese, claudia nothhelfer, andreas reheis, alex peters, deutsches museum, photo credit: museumsinsel


touching the water with hand or finger creates music.


even non musicians are able to create wonderful sound.

creating music composes an aromatic smell.