surf arena – eisbachwelle

in the center of this installation world the surfers ride the powerful eisbach wave. stunning light projections onto the himmelreichbrücke and onto the eisbach wave express the individual style of each surfer and their tricks within the direct interaction between movements and projected visualizations.

rays of light refract on top of the wave and increase the thrill of speed even more. the wave projection lines follow the surfer on his trip hypnotically while the stone guards of the eisbach bridge are brought to life and shout out their audio-visual judgement and moods.

the interactive installation »surf arena –  eisbachwelle« debuted on 15th of october 2016 as a part of the »lange nacht der museen« (pinakothek der moderne, museum villa stuck, museum brandhorst, städtische galerie im lenbachhaus . . .) 

martin nothhelfer, alex peters, andi mühlbauer, vladimir mitrovic, anne harstad, björn friese, claudia locherer, fabian kreuzer, paul andreas freitag, markus wolf. special thank you goes to dieter verstl (photography), markus klos, quirin stamminger, naimo nilius, janina zeitler, luca hurler, tao schirrmacher, clemens westervelt, jakob bodermü, lukas fritz, lange nacht der münchner museen, süddeutsche zeitung, haus der kunst.


projections and music express the individual style and tricks of each surfer.


stone guards of the bridge are brought to life and shout out their judgement and moods.