My memories turn back to dreams – louder than a freight train thundering menacingly close to the tunnel recess that offers cover for me.
Reminders of a playground open to those who overcome boundaries and exercise their right to immerse themselves in this adventure.
A parallel world – with its own rules of conduct, sounds and smells.
The darkness swallows every movement, abstracts the environment and completely reshapes it. Electric flashes and screeching steel cut through the natural landscape. The bumpy journey continues, spaces losing their boundaries and notions leaving well-trodden paths.
The train comes to a stop at the end of the track. In my dreams, streams of thought overcome this obstacle and I awaken – on a different track!


rafael gerlach creating the installation (work in progress)


rafael gerlach, martin nothhelfer, z common ground, folientechnik thiessen, photo on the top: m. gnoinski