courtesy epa/lukas barth



to draw attention to the poor air quality in bavaria's capital. the »cloud cyclist« installation provides audio-visual feedback to the air quality at that very moment. in good conditions, huge soap bubbles and happy music trail out behind the bicycle. responding to heavy air pollution, the bicycling cloud pumps out smoke and destructive music, illustrating the hazardous air conditions. 


the team says the key to cleaner air lies in the massive reduction of individual motorized traffic. the simplest solution – the good old bicycle. it's lightweight, agile, parkable just about everywhere, an active counterpart to an often sedentary lifestyle, space-saving, affordable and best of all – there are no exhaust fumes involved. to avoid and shift polluting motorized traffic, more dedicated bike routes need to built and linked cleverly. and yes of course the whole traffic system needs a complete refresh and the bicycle is one very effective element within it.

by now the cloud cyclist was on the road in munich germany, milan italy and brussels belgium and has not ended yet. the project received overwhelming press feedback and attention around the globe.


björn friese from yummybeats produced the perfect fitting music, check out his music.
the fantastic tallbike was built by the supercool zengabros. check out their video: tallbikes will save the world. it´s truly amazing and inspiring.


download link to high resolution press photos by christa schiffner.  

great article about cycling in copenhagen and what we can learn: »kopenhagen zeigt der welt, wie man fahrrad fährt«


martin nothhelfer, björn friese, andreas reheis, lucas schulte, claudia locherer, green city e.v. and thank you so much to all the other helpers, we will update the list. 

fotos: courtesy epa/lukas barth & picture alliance/dpa/lino mirgeler