love oracle – fortune telling for lovers. the emotional game  is easy to play – just by holding and letting go of hands.

two lovers are standing in a lovely stone garden. directly in front of a brightly illuminated monolith onto which the game is projected. as a luminous comet they are flying together through crazy worlds experiencing feelings and stages as existing in real relationships. stages of being in love, disillusion, power struggle, quit or hang on, finding, consonance. absorbing energy, mastering challenges like avoiding collisions and collecting turbo boosts are necessary for the oracle to see the future. the players are equipped with a technical wristband each. collisions are transmuted by the wearable into strong vibrations to their arms as well as flashing lights.

sometimes it’s necessary to release somebody to go further. but don’t keep the hands apart for too long, this could make the oracle angry. finally the love oracle proclaims the almighty oracle spell.


martin nothhelfer – creative director & designer, alex peters – physical computing & wearable experience engineer – anne harstad, wearable designer & productioner – dennis schaaf, creative coder gameplay – andi mühlbauer, creative coder sfx – björn friese yummybeats, music artist – claudia locherer, copywriter oracle spells – bruno winter & tobias oberleithner, monolith designer & productioner – special thanks goes to digital analog, claudia & stefan holmeier and neuland